The basics of a Hyperloop system (Virgin Hyperloop One)

SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition returned in 2019 (SpaceX)

Be wherever you want, whenever you want

Hyperloop is a concept for the future of mass transport. It was introduced by Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla and SpaceX) in 2013, and offers a new means of transporting people and goods quickly, safely, efficiently and with minimised environmental impact.

Hyperloop uses electric propulsion to accelerate a passenger or a cargo pod through a low-pressure tube. It will be faster than an airplane and will allow you to travel from London to Edinburgh in 40 minutes. Carbon emissions, noise, delays, weather concerns and pilot error are ultimately eliminated.

hyperloop pod competition

SpaceX announced the Hyperloop Pod Competition in 2015. It takes place yearly aiming to encourage innovation in design and construction of high-speed pods. Trial runs are performed in SpaceX Hyperloop System in California, US.

The competition returns in 2020, featuring a new test track that will be 10km long and curved, unlike the current previous tracks. Of course, Warwick Hyperloop will once again be entering this year with the aim of beating the speed record as the first English team to enter the competition. If you’d like to join our team, click below!