The Powertrain is the core component for our Hyperloop pod encompassing the batteries, inverters and motors.

The batteries we chose must be capable of sustaining our pod for the entirety of its journey. Not only that, our chosen cells must be able to withstand huge amounts of electrical stress. Our cells are capable of discharging at over 500A, this phenomenal rate is one of the best in the world.

The chosen motors will use what is known as ‘Alternating Current’ but the batteries will discharge ‘Direct Current’. Therefore, we will utilise ‘Inverters’, which are electronic components that convert DC to AC and also provide us the means to programme our motor controller software.

Without the right electrical motors, our pod would not be able to reach the target speed. So the final challenge for the powertrain team is to work in parallel with the dynamics team to deliver motors that can provide incredible amounts of torque while also taking up as little space as possible; this is no mean feat.

By Alexander Bennett