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warwick hyperloop in a nutshell

Warwick Hyperloop is an ambitious student project part of WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group). Right here, in the UK we, the Warwick students, the avid game-changers are making you an offer. Forget about tedious travelling routines, long waiting and unreliable transportation. Come with us and embark on a revolutionized journey with our new mode of transportation called Hyperloop.

Wondering what Hyperloop is, we got you covered ->

The basics of a Hyperloop system credited to Virgin Hyperloop One.


our team

We started in 2017 and managed to grow to over 100+ members and 20+ academic/industry advisers.

We qualified into Top 35 out of 1600+ applicants at SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition and delivered 2-hour technical presentation to SpaceX and The Boring Company engineers.


hyperloop pod competition

SpaceX announced the Hyperloop Pod Competition in 2015. It takes place yearly aiming to encourage innovation in design and construction of high-speed pods.

Trial runs are performed in SpaceX Hyperloop System in

California, US.

The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition will return in the summer of 2019 credited to SpaceX.